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This forum aims to create a safe space for parents or anyone starting a family to enquire about questions pertaining to planning and sustaining families, as well as to share their personal experiences regarding these issues so that others can also gain valuable insight from them.

Let's keep this child-friendly, and do note that spamming or selling here is not allowed. 

Thank you! 

Josh Tan Jian Liang
Co-founder TheAstuteParent

Hi there yes, try Richfood. We have a collaboration discount with them! =)

Check out in this page below! Hope it helps

You can try out the Heguru or Shichida Brain Training Enrichment Programmes. Their websites are 1and

They are a bit pricey though, so do thorough research before making a decision. Cheers!

I myself have curly hair and I don't ever comb it because then I'll get an huge afro. I can imagine it happens for your daughter as well. You can try taming it by using a mini widetooth comb,... (More)

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