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Pregnancy related
Pregnancy related

Josh Tan Jian Liang
Co-founder TheAstuteParent

Hi there yes, try Richfood. We have a collaboration discount with them! =)

Check out in this page below! Hope it helps

Hi do you mean natural methods to induce labour? I asked my doc that when I was pregnant and he advised against it bc he said that the only reliable method is the medications given at the hospital to induce... (More)

Jay Baby
work from home. fighting!

Epidural done by anaesthetist. Mine was injection somewhere at back.

Must be before a certain dilation point so communicate well with your gynae

If you are expecting first kid, I'd suggest to take it. The contraction pain is....

But with... (More)

Wow waterbirths are becoming more popular but only a few hospitals can do it. Seems like NUH, Mount Alvernia, Raffles Hospital and Thompson Medical all offer this delivery service.